Kira Fieldstrom, LICSW

Specialty Area: Caregivers, new moms, people experiencing transitions, depressions and anxiety

Education: Masters in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University Chicago

Life is full of transitions and change can be challenging. Kira believes it’s helpful to have someone who can walk with you—providing guidance and support—during those times. Over the past eight years as a clinical social worker, Kira has helped hundreds of clients including caregivers, new parents and teenagers by providing tools to better cope with stress. Kira is known for her nurturing personality and ability to relate to others. She is new mom and has also cared for a sick grandparent so she is empathetic and understands the pressure that comes with change. Kira promotes the power of individual and group therapy in growth and healing—and inspires clients to become the best versions of themselves.

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